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Moving the website in August

Due to a very poor experience with IXWebHosting, I will be moving my website around the 1st week of August 2018. I’ve been with IXWebHosting for many years, but the support has become less than tolerable. There should be no gap in website availability. If there is, give it a little while and try […]

New Player Friendly 5e Character Sheet

Are you new to Dungeons and Dragons, or do you have new players coming to your table? If a new player looks over the default character sheet for 5th edition, it can be incredibly daunting. All those numbers, all those spaces… Have no fear, and take heart! I have created a new character sheet that […]

Passive Perception (Wisdom) in D&D 5e

Passive Perception is 10 + your Wisdom (Perception) modifier. If you are proficient with Perception, you add your proficiency bonus as well. Advantage/Disadvantage changes the score by +5/-5. You’ll find the full rules on page 175 of the PHB and page 59 of the free Basic Rules.

The Goals

Welcome, 2018. My goals for this year: Lose 50 pounds. Currently at 287. (Wow, I can hardly believe this, but it’s true.) Stop using inappropriate language in every-day conversation. Move on with my life and be happy. Happiness, to me, is a choice, a goal, and it takes work and determination. Goodbye, 2017.  

America, the Land of … blame?

It seems that the most serious problem with America is that we don’t have enough Americans anymore. I am not referring to immigrants, religions, or political views. I’m talking about people that will stand up for the rights of everyone else and be proud of our collective history and be united. Instead, we seem to […]

Poetry that I like from television

At times I almost dream I too have spent a life the sages way And tread once more familiar paths Perchance I perished in an arrogant self-alliance an age ago And in that act a prayer for one more chance went up so earnest so… Instinct with better light let in by death that life […]

Political Correctness Can Kiss My Ass

Freedom of speech: You can’t say that, it’ll offend someone. Freedom of press: You can’t write that, it’ll offend someone. Right to bear arms: You can’t have a weapon, it’ll offend someone. Freedom of religion: You can’t talk about or promote your religion, you’ll offend everyone. Freedom to assemble: You can’t meet as “that” group, […]

Code Is Everywhere

Code Is Everywhere   At some point, you have been to the grocery store after working all day. You dredge through the aisles and find what you want, and make your way up to the checkout register. The person at the register has been working eight hours or so, standing on their feet in one […]

Ten Commandments Is Not Christian

I see the media is (again) jumping on the ten commandments bandwagon, claiming that Christianity and Christians are trying to “force” religion on people and government institutions. The media and those people that cry about this fail to mention or recognize one very important point: The ten commandments is NOT from Christianity. The ten commandments […]

Tax Returns? Sure.

“Let’s see Trump’s tax returns!” So many people are jumping on the “OMG Trump is evil” band wagon. Want to see his tax returns? Not sure why, but okay, sure, but let’s see everyone else’s as well. Tax filing uses some weird form of mathematics that isn’t in the natural world. I know this from […]

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