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Short and super-short fiction stories

Soul Survivors (6200 words)

Soul Survivors © David Bowlin (for JiniG) 1 A thousand voices screamed at Daniel, a thousand tormented, lost souls begged for release, escape, death.  What he was suppose to do to help these agonized souls he didn’t know, so he did nothing but whimper in his sleep, and roll over.  A solitary tear escaped his […]

Old Debts

Old Debts   I remember when the first body washed up on the beach.  How could I forget?  I almost stepped on the bloated little thing before I realized what it was.  The foggy darkness combined with my alcohol-induced daze had put a veil deep enough over my eyes to hide a passing elephant herd. […]


“I once met a man who had met himself in a previous life.”   “Though I walk through the stormy nights, I will fear no evil, for goodness surrounds me, and the rain cleanses all unrighteousness from the shadows…”   The sun had yet to peek over the mountains when the sounds came at me, […]

Childhood Fear (Poetry)

Childhood Fear     A childhood fear: a bump in the night,      The blackness without.                The dampness of fright: A childhood nightmare, unleashed with a shout.   From under the bed, from the stars above      Comes the Creature,             […]

Judgment Day – What If

Judgment Day – What If…   Picture it. Judgment Day. Dave is God. Yeah, that’s right, so deal with it. * * * God sits there on His throne, and one by one, every soul from the very beginnings of the world stand before Him, one at a time. The masses look about nervously, each […]

Dance With The Dead (4,700 words)

Dance With The Dead     1   The blackness slithered into the room, choking out the light as a palpable substance, destroying it, killing it.  The silence screamed unimaginable torments into the ears of the room’s single occupant.  She was huddled in the farthest corner of her bed, watching with horror-filled eyes as the […]

The Wizard of Was (1500 words)

The Wizard of Was No one comes to see me anymore. Now that I’ve given the cowardly Lion his courage and the Tin Man a heart, they are so busy being courageous and loving that all those little munchkin geeks are practically worshiping them. And the Scarecrow? With that brain of his, he’s done away […]

Reigning (Poetry)

Reigning   It’s reigning supreme that hurts the most when you’re dead,   Those you face, that angry host, fills your soul with dread.   You face them every day, those angry eyes, glaring back with hate   ‘Though you’ve given  your all, your very life, and stand at Hell’s gate.   “Do we charge, […]

To Each His Own (4650 words)

  To Each His Own   Blue Jim Davis was a man to be reckoned with, to be sure.  He was a quiet fellow, and he kept pretty much to himself.  This quiet nature was very misleading though, as most of his enemies found out, usually a little too late.  He was a man who […]

Just Suppose (2300 words)

Just Suppose Snow drifted from the black sky, piling upon the frozen bodies lying in heaps all around. The river gurgled its way through the thin forest to the ocean beyond, the only sign of life in an otherwise noiseless world. Daylight crept away as if ashamed of the murder and carnage it had witnessed, […]

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