Casted Dungeon Tiles (on the cheap!)

I love crafting things for my Dungeons and Dragons games. From small farm cottages to complex and intricate traps and caverns, this is a very inexpensive hobby. The following photos are from a set of dungeon tiles and walls I have made in the style of Dwarven Forge. These are obviously my own versions, and not at all expensive to make. In fact, the entire set cost me around $45, including the molds from Hirst Arts. The molds are rubber, and are incredibly well made and reusable. I’ve been using these for about 6 months, and they’re still like brand new.


Breakdown of cost:

  • Acrylic paints (WalMart, $2.50 for all)
  • Casting material (Perfect Cast brand, from Hobby Lobby):  $5.08
  • Cork board (WalMart, to glue the tiles onto so they don’t slip): $5.30
  • Hirst Arts molds: $30

There are other pieces as decoration, such as the doors, tables, chairs, columns. These are pieces I’ve acquired from comic book stores, mostly, usually at their “clearance” tables for a buck or two a set.

The barrels I got at Hobby Lobby, unpainted, for about $2 a set of 12.

The tiles are completely modular. I have glued the floor stones together at different sizes and shapes, then I put them next to each other in whatever size and shape I want for my current dungeon. The walls sit on top of the tiles, they’re not glued on. In these photos, I haven’t made enough walls yet.

Time to make this set:  45 minutes to make 6 floor stones, and 6 walls. Painting was done when I had made several pieces, which made it much faster.