Month: November 2017

Damage and Hit Dice – D&D 5e

(Please see each class, spell, or weapon for a full description of damage. Below is a simplified, generalized breakdown of damage dealing in 5e.)   A lot of new players to Dungeons and Dragons (fifth edition) are confused about how much damage their character can do at higher levels, particularly with melee or ranged weapons […]

IX Web Hosting – A terrible experience

TL;DR:  IX Web Hosting “suspended” all my websites and refused a refund or access to my files because they won’t let me update a credit card. I’ve been a customer of IX Web Hosting for quite a number of years now, with many websites and email systems being hosted over the years. I have sent […]

Advice For Any RPG DM

The Internet is full of advice for dungeon masters / game masters. Some of it is good, some of it is intentionally complicated, and some is as useful as a tick on a beach ball. Of all the advice I’ve ever received about being a better dungeon master, this is by far the most useful […]