Month: October 2017

I Would Take A Knee

I would take a knee. I would take a knee in front of the spouse or child of a person that gave their life for me to be able to do so. I would take a knee beside the person that cannot stand because they were wounded in defense of my freedoms. I would take […]

Soul Survivors (6200 words)

Soul Survivors © David Bowlin (for JiniG) 1 A thousand voices screamed at Daniel, a thousand tormented, lost souls begged for release, escape, death.  What he was suppose to do to help these agonized souls he didn’t know, so he did nothing but whimper in his sleep, and roll over.  A solitary tear escaped his […]

Old Debts

Old Debts   I remember when the first body washed up on the beach.  How could I forget?  I almost stepped on the bloated little thing before I realized what it was.  The foggy darkness combined with my alcohol-induced daze had put a veil deep enough over my eyes to hide a passing elephant herd. […]