Month: July 2017

Code Is Everywhere

Code Is Everywhere   At some point, you have been to the grocery store after working all day. You dredge through the aisles and find what you want, and make your way up to the checkout register. The person at the register has been working eight hours or so, standing on their feet in one […]

Ten Commandments Is Not Christian

I see the media is (again) jumping on the ten commandments bandwagon, claiming that Christianity and Christians are trying to “force” religion on people and government institutions. The media and those people that cry about this fail to mention or recognize one very important point: The ten commandments is NOT from Christianity. The ten commandments […]

D&D 5e – How-To: Cleric

Clerics are a prepared spell casting class and rely on devotion to their deity for ability to cast magical spells. Clerics can be extremely effective healers and tanks.   Hit Dice New players are sometimes confused about “hit dice” in D&D. Hit dice does not relate to doing damage at all. Hit dice determines your […]