Month: March 2017

Crafting A Dice Tower

After seeing some really awesome dice towers on the web and some D&D FaceBook groups, I decided to give it a shot and do one myself. Below is the results. Over all, I’m very pleased with the completed tower. Keep in mind that I am not a very artistic person, and I’m sure there are […]

D&D 5e – Determining Difficulty Checks

Used by permission from: Determining Difficulty Checks   Everything in the game is based on the d20  Check and it is referenced as Difficulty Check (DC) or Armor Check (AC) All Checks work the same way: Roll a d20 and add your modifier (Ability Score, Attack Bonus or Skill Bonus) Add any situational modifiers, usually […]

D&D Props

Here are some D&D props I’ve made lately for our 5e game sessions. These are made using foam board and cardboard, some q-tips, toilet paper, paper towels, and a few other random household items. Super easy to make, and a lot of fun.