Month: February 2017

Watching The Pretty Girls Go By

Watching The Pretty Girls Go By   In late 1990 I started working at Ferguson Brothers Hardware in Albany. Anyone that is at least my age and has lived or been in our around Albany during the 80s and 90s has seen George Ferguson sitting at the front of the hardware store in his over-stuffed […]

Childhood Fear (Poetry)

Childhood Fear     A childhood fear: a bump in the night,      The blackness without.                The dampness of fright: A childhood nightmare, unleashed with a shout.   From under the bed, from the stars above      Comes the Creature,             […]

Judgment Day – What If

Judgment Day – What If…   Picture it. Judgment Day. Dave is God. Yeah, that’s right, so deal with it. * * * God sits there on His throne, and one by one, every soul from the very beginnings of the world stand before Him, one at a time. The masses look about nervously, each […]

Daddy, Why Do You Salute The Flag?

Daddy, Why Do You Salute The Flag?   Recently, my six-year-old daughter took notice of me and other airmen saluting the flag. Being an inquisitive child, she asked why we were waving to it. I had to explain to her that we were saluting the flag, not waving to it. “But why, Daddy?” she asked. […]

Old Debts (4,000 words)

Old Debts I remember when the first body washed up on the beach.  How could I forget?  I almost stepped on the bloated little thing before I realized what it was.  The foggy darkness combined with my alcohol-induced daze had put a veil deep enough over my eyes to hide a passing elephant herd. This […]

Dance With The Dead (4,700 words)

Dance With The Dead     1   The blackness slithered into the room, choking out the light as a palpable substance, destroying it, killing it.  The silence screamed unimaginable torments into the ears of the room’s single occupant.  She was huddled in the farthest corner of her bed, watching with horror-filled eyes as the […]

The Wizard of Was (1500 words)

The Wizard of Was No one comes to see me anymore. Now that I’ve given the cowardly Lion his courage and the Tin Man a heart, they are so busy being courageous and loving that all those little munchkin geeks are practically worshiping them. And the Scarecrow? With that brain of his, he’s done away […]

Crafting Stone Columns for Tabletop RPG

After watching several YouTube videos about crafting some stone columns for tabletop RPG’s, I made these, below. Here’s how I did it, step by step. I used 1/4 inch foam board from Dollar Store, and measured and cut 15 1×1 inch squares for each column that I wanted (4 columns). Once the pieces were cut, […]

Making Dungeon Tiles

Last night I decided to take the plunge into trying to make some dungeon tiles for our D&D 5e gaming group. I’ve never done anything like this, and didn’t really know what to expect – except that I was fairly sure it would turn out quite a mess. In fact, it wasn’t bad at all. […]

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