Month: October 2016

Does God Exist? (Little Sister)

Sometimes I write my thoughts on various things to my granddaughter, who I call Little Sister.  This is one of those. Little Sister, A few days ago I was told by someone that God does not exist. My first reaction was to strongly disagree with this statement. Surely God must exist, otherwise how can I […]

Biscuits Are Hard, She’s Harder

I’m quite fond of biscuits. Like most mornings, I got out of bed this morning with just enough time to shower, dress, and rush out the door and leave for work. Breakfast at home is usually reserved for when I’m at mom’s house during the weekend. The rest of the time it’s either no breakfast, […]

Let’s Be Americans

I am an American. I am not a “white American,” an “African American,” an “Irish American,” or a “native American.” I’m an American, and my heritage or ancestral history doesn’t affect that in any way. I am an American. Whether you are Muslim, Jewish, Christian, Atheist, Hindu, or anything else, if you are an American, […]

A Shallow Grave (1000 words)

A very short tale for the Halloween season. Enjoy 🙂     A glowing moon shown down from a sky that was darker than the dirt covering the freshly dug grave. The woman felt weary to the bone. Her daughter was dead, without any explanation. “Natural causes” just didn’t cut it; how could a perfectly […]

Peace Is An Illusion

There is no such thing as peace. Peace is a human concept that has no place in the natural world. What we consider peace is an illusion, a temporary reprieve from the chaos of existence. It is a word we use to promote our desires and ways of thinking onto other people. When we want […]

The Turtle God (2900 words)

The only pleasure I’ve found in the past few years has been staring at the lily pads that float atop the water in this little pond. Their calm swaying to the rippling water soothes this eternal ache in my heart, breaks the sorrow of my mind and gives me a few precious moments of relief. […]

Soul Survivors (6200 words)

  Part One   A thousand voices screamed at Daniel, a thousand tormented, lost souls begged for release, escape, death.  What he was suppose to do to help these agonized souls he didn’t know, so he did nothing but whimper in his sleep, and roll over.  A solitary tear escaped his tightly closed eyes and […]

Where Angels Tread (8300 words)

The silence was altogether unnerving, a quiet so complete it was a roar in the killer’s ears.  Just a few more hours, just a few eternal hours and it would be over.  Well, not over, the killer thought.  “A new beginning,” he said, a small grin stealing over his face. Lying on his bunk in […]

Reflections Of The Damned (1350 words)

No one knew her name, so we just called her Sally. She didn’t talk, not one word, not even when- well, she didn’t talk, never. She was a pretty little girl, surely no older than six, but she was always dirty. ‘Course, all of us are. There ain’t no clean water, not to bathe in […]