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Casted Dungeon Tiles (on the cheap!)

I love crafting things for my Dungeons and Dragons games. From small farm cottages to complex and intricate traps and caverns, this is a very inexpensive hobby. The following photos are from a set of dungeon tiles and walls I have made in the style of Dwarven Forge. These are obviously my own versions, and […]

New Player Friendly 5e Character Sheet

Are you new to Dungeons and Dragons, or do you have new players coming to your table? If a new player looks over the default character sheet for 5th edition, it can be incredibly daunting. All those numbers, all those spaces… Have no fear, and take heart! I have created a new character sheet that […]

Dalai Lama’s words

This morning, Dalai Lama tweeted this: Although I am a Buddhist monk, I am skeptical that prayers alone will achieve world peace. We need instead to be enthusiastic and self-confident in taking action.   Doesn’t matter your faith or religious views, Dalai Lama has a very good point, one that church folks as well as […]

Passive Perception (Wisdom) in D&D 5e

Passive Perception is 10 + your Wisdom (Perception) modifier. If you are proficient with Perception, you add your proficiency bonus as well. Advantage/Disadvantage changes the score by +5/-5. You’ll find the full rules on page 175 of the PHB and page 59 of the free Basic Rules.

The Goals

Welcome, 2018. My goals for this year: Lose 50 pounds. Currently at 287. (Wow, I can hardly believe this, but it’s true.) Stop using inappropriate language in every-day conversation. Move on with my life and be happy. Happiness, to me, is a choice, a goal, and it takes work and determination. Goodbye, 2017.  

Pixel 2 XL Screen Shot Directions

I really love the Pixel 2 XL phone, but the documentation to take screenshots is misleading and incorrect. The directions state to take a screenshot, press the power button and the volume down button at the same time. Unfortunately, there’s a little more to it. To take a screenshot on the Pixel 2 XL, or […]

Damage and Hit Dice – D&D 5e

(Please see each class, spell, or weapon for a full description of damage. Below is a simplified, generalized breakdown of damage dealing in 5e.)   A lot of new players to Dungeons and Dragons (fifth edition) are confused about how much damage their character can do at higher levels, particularly with melee or ranged weapons […]

IX Web Hosting – A terrible experience

TL;DR:  IX Web Hosting “suspended” all my websites and refused a refund or access to my files because they won’t let me update a credit card. I’ve been a customer of IX Web Hosting for quite a number of years now, with many websites and email systems being hosted over the years. I have sent […]

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