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Dalai Lama’s words

This morning, Dalai Lama tweeted this: Although I am a Buddhist monk, I am skeptical that prayers alone will achieve world peace. We need instead to be enthusiastic and self-confident in taking action.   Doesn’t matter your faith or religious views, Dalai Lama has a very good point, one that church folks as well as […]

Passive Perception (Wisdom) in D&D 5e

Passive Perception is 10 + your Wisdom (Perception) modifier. If you are proficient with Perception, you add your proficiency bonus as well. Advantage/Disadvantage changes the score by +5/-5. You’ll find the full rules on page 175 of the PHB and page 59 of the free Basic Rules.

The Goals

Welcome, 2018. My goals for this year: Lose 50 pounds. Currently at 287. (Wow, I can hardly believe this, but it’s true.) Stop using inappropriate language in every-day conversation. Move on with my life and be happy. Happiness, to me, is a choice, a goal, and it takes work and determination. Goodbye, 2017.  

Pixel 2 XL Screen Shot Directions

I really love the Pixel 2 XL phone, but the documentation to take screenshots is misleading and incorrect. The directions state to take a screenshot, press the power button and the volume down button at the same time. Unfortunately, there’s a little more to it. To take a screenshot on the Pixel 2 XL, or […]

Damage and Hit Dice – D&D 5e

(Please see each class, spell, or weapon for a full description of damage. Below is a simplified, generalized breakdown of damage dealing in 5e.)   A lot of new players to Dungeons and Dragons (fifth edition) are confused about how much damage their character can do at higher levels, particularly with melee or ranged weapons […]

IX Web Hosting – A terrible experience

TL;DR:  IX Web Hosting “suspended” all my websites and refused a refund or access to my files because they won’t let me update a credit card. I’ve been a customer of IX Web Hosting for quite a number of years now, with many websites and email systems being hosted over the years. I have sent […]

Advice For Any RPG DM

The Internet is full of advice for dungeon masters / game masters. Some of it is good, some of it is intentionally complicated, and some is as useful as a tick on a beach ball. Of all the advice I’ve ever received about being a better dungeon master, this is by far the most useful […]

I Would Take A Knee

I would take a knee. I would take a knee in front of the spouse or child of a person that gave their life for me to be able to do so. I would take a knee beside the person that cannot stand because they were wounded in defense of my freedoms. I would take […]

Soul Survivors (6200 words)

Soul Survivors © David Bowlin (for JiniG) 1 A thousand voices screamed at Daniel, a thousand tormented, lost souls begged for release, escape, death.  What he was suppose to do to help these agonized souls he didn’t know, so he did nothing but whimper in his sleep, and roll over.  A solitary tear escaped his […]

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